After completing the reclamation of the roofs with asbestos and the renovation of the same in August 2023, our company installed in April 2024 a centralized aspiration system of the oily mists at the service of the work centers. Fabris Dr. Ing. Pasquale S.r.l.He continues to demonstrate his priority commitment to workers’ health with concrete actions.

The regulatory obligations regarding the reduction of pollutants in working environments are rightly stringent, and this has further motivated our decision to improve air quality in the company. The old single high-efficiency single aspirators, who remitted the filtered air in the workplace, have been replaced by a centralized system that provides for the evacuation on the outside and guarantees complete air renovation at evrey hour.

In the project it was essential to adequately size the filter group, making it modular to the variable needs of the work centers. Thanks to the inverter and automatic shutters on each center, we managed to significantly reduce electrical absorption. The soundproofed system has radically improved the air quality, eliminated the noise and reduced the need for periodic maintenance of the individual aspirators. In addition, the halving of the installed power and the use of the inverter will allow a surprising 75% reduction in electrical consumption!

Moving forward on this continuous improvement path, what will be the next step? Stay with us to find out!