From February 15th to 17th, we took part in the well-known Fornitore Offresi Fair, an annual event held at Lariofiere in Erba (CO) in the heart of Brianza region. Started in 2009 with the aim of strengthening commercial relationships among local companies, over the years, this fair has managed to attract an increasingly diverse audience.

The 2024 edition saw the participation of over 400 exhibiting companies, among which, for the first time, our own Fabris Dott. Ing. Pasquale S.r.l. was present. It was three days filled with opportunities, interesting insights, and concrete possibilities for work development, a result that wasn’t taken for granted considering the particular nature of our production of mechanically complex components.

What also made this experience relevant was the opportunity to engage and share knowledge with industry colleagues. In an Italian context where the concept of competition often merges with collaboration, Fornitore Offresi proved to be a privileged meeting point for those operating in a broad and varied supply chain, with an eye on the global market.

Looking to the future, this experience will contribute to decisively continuing our path of openness and trust towards the challenges of the current market. We look forward to the 2025 edition of Fornitore Offresi!